Mr Yoshimura 吉村幸助, the founder of Hakata Gensuke and Hakata Ikkousha, is very famous in the ramen industry in Japan. He constantly pursues the most desirable taste of ramen. Beside enjoying the great taste of our ramen, we hope all customer to feel Mr Yoshimura's passion and devotion in ramen. 

Ramen Champion

Mr Yoshimura has secured the title of Ultimate Ramen Champion in year 2011 & 2012. The shop in Bugis, Singapore has sold over 100,000 bowls of ramen within a year.


Best Bang for Buck Winner

In August 2015, Hakata Gensuke has been awarded the Best Bang for Bucks Restaurant by Time Out Melbourne.


Find out more about Master Chef Kousuke Yoshimura from www.ikkousha.com